Donation to Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal

Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd as the company that has led wind energy in Shetland for more than 20 years and SSE plc, one of the largest utility businesses in the UK and the electricity Distribution Network Operator for Shetland, have agreed to donate £100,000 to the Shetland MRI Appeal taking the money raised beyond the £1.65 million objective.  £50,000 from each business has been donated.

This donation follows the agreement last week by Viking Energy to give Shetland Community Benefit Fund Ltd an advance on annual community benefit payments for the Viking Wind Farm, facilitating a £200,000 donation commitment.

Over 600 NHS patients from Shetland must travel south to have an MRI scan each year. MRI diagnostics are used to diagnose and monitor a wide variety of conditions and the number of patients who need them is steadily increasing. 

Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd Director Lisa Ward said:

"Burradale has been quietly feeding value into the Shetland economy since day one of operation.  One of the biggest values has been the 20 year demonstration that wind energy in Shetland is a commercial success.  Over two decades our company has supported a wide range of jobs and local businesses while continually donating to local good causes. 
Like most of the Shetland community, the directors of Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd have all individually been involved in fundraising for the MRI Scanner Appeal. The volunteered focus and effort towards a common goal is something Shetland is rightfully proud of.
The global pandemic is creating significant challenges locally and, with our partners at SSE, we have decided that a big step now to get the MRI Scanner appeal over the line will give a welcome success for a campaign that has been running for more than two-and-a-half years and maybe continue that community spirit towards further causes throughout the islands."

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