Shetland Aerogenerators have submitted a planning application for a single wind turbine and battery energy storage system (BESS), replacing two previously consented wind turbines at Luggie’s Knowe, Gremista. The combined total generating capacity of the development will be up to 19.9 megawatts (MW).

Luggie's Knowe

Planning permission was granted in 2012 for the construction and operation of three wind turbines. Only one of the consented wind turbines was constructed and has been operational since 2015. We are requesting changes to the original consent and have carried out a full Environmental Impact Assessment in line with National Planning Framework 4. This project demonstrates less impact and greater benefit than the consented option it replaces with only one turbine being constructed and the BESS widening the possibilities for the use of the low-carbon energy produced.

Electronic Copies

Electronic copies of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and supporting documents are available to view here or via the Shetland Island Council website under Planning Applications. Please see reference numbers below.

Screening Opinion: 2020/229/SCR

Scoping Report: 2021/029/SCO

Planning Application: 2024/006/PPF

Hard Copies

A hard copy of the EIA Report is available to view at Shetland Island Council located at:

8 North Ness Business Park

An additional copy of the EIA Report will be available to view at the Shetland Library:

Shetland Library
Lower Hillhead, Lerwick

Hard copies are availble to purchase upon request, the cost of the EIA Report will be approximately £750 per copy.